Don’t Take It Personal?

Don’t take it personal?
A few days ago an old friend responded to my post about unfollowing friends that are far left leaning liberals because I am sick of all the left wing lies and bias. His response was that he would probably continue to follow me and just skip over my political posts and advised me not to take it personally. OK…I had to sit on that for a couple of days and let it sink in. I had to think it through, was he right? Do I take it too personally?
Well after giving it a lot of thought I now have an absolutely clear mind on how I feel about it. Yes, I do take it personal. Should I?
Left wing liberals and most Democrats will vote for Hillary in spite of the ample evidence of corruption, lies, deceit, etc. If I have a friend who is posting all those lies on their Facebook page and elsewhere then he or she is doing all they can to help get her elected. What does that mean to me and why should I take it personal?
You may be voting for her because of a single issue but what you are supporting is everything that the liberals believe in. I know a lot of Democrats who love to hunt but also just love guns in general. Whether it be for home defense, target shooting, hunting, whatever. Yet many of them are also union members so they will vote for Hillary because they think that the Democrats are the champions of the working class. Many of these people may also disagree on many other of the Democrat platform issues but will still vote for her just for their one single issue. Taking away the rights of responsible gun owners is a personal issue for me. If you are doing all you can to get her elected then yes, I take that personal.
Left wing liberals want to make all public restrooms gender neutral. All you have to do is say that you identify as the opposite gender and enter the restroom of your choice. Obama has already tried to force that mandate onto all public schools through his directive. If we let the liberals force this upon us then my grandkids will be forced to share what should be there privacy with any pervert that chooses to exploit this “right”. Liberals are not interested in compromise in any way. There is a school being sued now for refusing to allow this even though they sat aside ANOTHER restroom for this student. No, that is not good enough. They demand that the student be allowed to use any restroom he or she wants to. This is a personal issue to me. If you are doing all you can to get her elected then yes, I take that personal.
The left wing liberals have attacked Christians for years now. There have been multiple lawsuits brought against schools for allowing school prayer, prayers before athletic events, etc. There have young people expelled and put on academic probation for reading their bible during special reading times, recesses, etc. Yet we have public schools making special accommodations for Muslims sitting aside private areas for the prayer times throughout the day. If you are a Christian and feel that baking a cake for a gay or lesbian wedding goes against your beliefs and refuse, you will be sued and financially ruined for standing by your beliefs. If you are a restaurant in Maine that refuses to serve somebody who believes in gun ownership, EVEN if you aren’t actually carrying in their establishment, the left will support your right to refuse service. This is personal issue to me. If you are doing all you can to get her elected then yes, I take that personal.
If you are supporting Hillary and trying to help get her elected, you have to realize that you are getting everything that she stands for, not just a single issue that you may be in favor of. All the things that I have listed above and much more will be decided over the next couple of years by the Supreme Court. There does not have to be a change to the Constitution. Politicians are too spineless and corrupt to vote for something like that. It will be legislated from the bench. The Supreme Court will NOT change the law, they don’t have that power. They will simply “interpret” it in a way that guts the Second Amendment and anything else that the left wing liberals are in favor of. Hillary will change the balance of the court so that all of these things will come to be.
This is personal to me. If you are doing all you can to get her elected then yes, I take that personal.